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Saturday, March 20th 2004

Last Thursday I got a surprising call - Naomi is in town, along with Richard on some Porsche Deutschland thing or other. Anyway, we got together on Saturday and did a little touristy tour of Stuttgart

Stuttgart Stuttgart
On the northern edge of the valley that the center of Stuttgart is situated in. Somehow, someone always had their eyes closed... Over Richard's left shoulder the "Alte Schloss", or old castle. Above on the rim the "Fernsehturm" (or tv tower, more later) on the right, and a more recent transmission tower on the left.
Markthalle Markthalle
In the "Markthalle" (market hall) in downtown Stuttgart It is a small but a very busy farmer's market
Neues Schloss Fernsehturm
In front of the "Neues Schloss", or new castle, residence of the kings of Württemberg before they moved to Ludwigsburg The Fernsehturm, or TV tower, which was the first of its kind - build with a relatively thin concrete wall instead of a steel girder construction. It was opened in 1956 after only 20 months construction, and is the granddaddy of all similar TV towers since.
Fernsehturm Fernsehturm
Total height of the tower is 217 m (about 712 feet), the viewing platform is at 150 m (492 feet). It is always a lot more windy up there than down at the foot of the tower. You can check the soundeffects here ...or also here
Stuttgart Wind
View of downtown Stuttgart More noise

And finally - Richard "Blowin' in the Wind" on top of the Fernsehturm

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